The Basics Of Business Travel Management

History will tell that Cox and Kings, a British travel company that was founded way back in 1758 is the pioneer business trip management company that catered to wealthy clients at that time. In the UK, travel companies usually are grouped into 3: multiples, miniples and independent institutions. Multiples are companies that are recognized to cater to national chains. These are usually owned by international companies or group of companies. On the other hand, miniples are companies that cater to clients regionally. Independent companies are travel companies that cater to a special market.

A travel management company can be a private dealer or a public agency providing the public services in relation to tourism. People who run this type of company often act as a mediator between suppliers and consumers. The suppliers, airlines, hotels and package tours to name a few are the ones offering tourism services while the customers are those who purchase such offered services.

Travel management companies have branches that deal with various type of travellers. For example, corporate travel is the branch that focuses with commercial travellers or business travellers only. This branch most of the time has offices in other countries aside from their main headquarters.

Usually, the staff in this department secures strategic approaches when it comes to travel management. They ensure regular communication with the travel suppliers and consumers to ensure a smooth sailing travel schedule for travellers. They also ensure the safety and security and travel expenses of travellers all throughout the travel period.

Travel companies and corporate travel companies should not be compared to each other for the reason that both encompass different functions. The former is all about the management while the latter is just a division of the former that is more hands-on. However, both of these companies oftentimes get commission for every travel reservation secured and flight booked. At a certain period the Internet has significantly changed the way travel companies do business because travellers learned to do first hand booking. However then travel companies responded by creating their online sites as well, which placed them back to a competitive stance.

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