The Benefits Of Karate For Your Child

If you are searching for positive activities for your children, it is great if you can find something that provides both mental and physical exercise as well as something that increases confidence and self-esteem. Martial arts training can meet all of these needs, and karate classes definitely can improve your child’s life in many ways. Here are some of the key benefits one garners from martial arts classes.

It seems like children are spending more and more time watching television and playing video games. This lack of exercise is detrimental to our overall health, so in addition to encouraging your child to head outside and play and limiting screen time, karate classes are a great source of exercise. Not only will they be exercising, learning martial arts improves your balance, flexibility and coordination. This can improve child’s athletic ability overall, which can make them successful in other sports, such as basketball or soccer.

Everyone needs to learn how to set a goal and then achieve that goal. Karate is absolutely designed to help children with goal-setting and achievement. After all, the goal is to earn a specific belt level and once that has been accomplished, you set a new goal for a higher belt level. Every time they earn a new belt, they will have a huge sense of accomplishment because they truly worked hard and earned something of value. This can be a great way to boost your child’s self-esteem in a concrete way.

Learning to respect others is a huge life skill, and this is definitely a big focus in martial arts training. The sensei, or teacher, will have high expectations about the behavior. A sensei also expects his students to be respectful in all other areas of life, such as when interacting with parents, siblings and classroom teachers. Students are expected to show respect for their instructors as well as other students in your classes. A child might be working on an individual belt, but his class is learning skills as a team which builds social skills and improves one’s ability to work with others.

Despite what you see in the movies, violence is not the focus of karate or martial arts. In fact, it is absolutely the opposite. Students are meant to learn self-control and how to properly defend themselves. It is about safety and confidence and not violence. Your karate school should be focused on building confidence and respect and learning how to resolve conflicts in a peaceful way, while giving a child the tools he or she will need if they are ever in a situation that calls for self-defense.

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