The Best Smartphones

Mobile is a great mobile phone brand, which provides 3G contracts and handsets. They have a wide range of 3 Mobile Phones to offer, in particular a great range of smartphones. It is hard to really understand what Smartphone is going to best for you today, as there are just so many to choose from, all with different qualities and functions.

When you think of emailing on a modern mobile handset the first name that comes to mind is BlackBerry and their new Bold 9900 device is the undoubted king in this area. The 9900 sits proudly at the top of the BlackBerry range and offers a powerful 1.2Ghz processor together with the very latest version of the BlackBerry operating system. These handsets were originally designed with business users in mind so we naturally expect the devices to offer unrivaled email features and this phone does not disappoint. The full Qwerty keypad is an obvious advantage and it helps the speedy composition of messages. The keypad is well constructed and each individual button is well spaced out meaning that you make minimal errors when typing a message. If you are looking to attach photograph files to your email message then the software used on this phone allows you to adjust the file size to improve the time it takes to send the message and there are also extensive editing options included.

Of course, mobile ads have evolved to meet this explosion. In 2011, 52 % of ad campaign actions lead to visiting a site compared to just 15% in 2001. Click-to-call actions have gone from only 1% to 37%. App downloads have gone from 3% to 23%. In a nutshell, Ads are now more likely to reach people on smartphones, particularly touch screen devices, worldwide.

So what does all this mean for you and me? As entrepreneurs, it is nothing less than the opportunity of a lifetime. All of us, not just the big ad agencies, have the power to reach potential customers all over the world, wherever they are, and in a way that consumers have proven more receptive to than at any time in history. Another powerful aspect of the new Mobile Marketplace is that it has never been less expensive to stake one’s claim. People from all walks of life are starting their own businesses on a shoestring and making real profits. Enough to replace their lost jobs and then some. Enough to support themselves and their families. Answering to a boss is no longer the only road to career success. Corporations no longer control all the purse strings.

We have choices. Too many of us have lost sight of that fact in these troubling times. So ask yourself the next time you pick up your smartphone and see an ad; which end of the ‘Buy Now’ button do you want to be on?

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