The Bold And The Beautiful: Colorful Jewelry

Today we can all dress in a manner which reflects our individuality or personal style. Some do this by following fashion and others by creating fashion, which is unique to them. The latter is more difficult, but essentially more effective. An easy way of making every outfit look designer is by wearing of unusual, creative or colorful jewelry.

With the recession in full flow, and with no sign of it ending soon there has been an influx in handcrafted designer jewelry in a variety of mediums as a means of creative people to make a little extra money. Handmade does not mean it has to look cheap and nasty and in fact many items are made from a variety of semi-precious stones and organic material.

Handcrafted items can be beautiful, and a luxurious azure glass ring from Murano in Italy, a vibrant Red Sea coral earrings or a hand-knitted necklace can be a conversation point. Nature itself comes in every color you can dream of, limited only by personal taste. Some will prefer the shining translucency of a diamond or the chasm-deep jet-black of onyx, and there are thousands of shades in between for everyone’s preference.

In addition to color, handmade items are also made from a variety of materials including polymer clay, metal, or household items like cutlery, bottle caps or safety pins. A large number of artists (for that is what they are) can make jewelry from anything, meaning even your quirky fascination with apples could be represented by these amazing accessories.

For those lovely summer days when perhaps more garish and main-stream polychrome accessories are required then I always turn to plastic. Large plastic bangles are so cheap, that it is possible to have a large collection to complement every summer dress in the wardrobe. In many High Street stores there are matching items, so a lovely orange bangle can be accompanied by earrings and a ring to match. And why not?

Custom made items are also a great idea, as it is therefore truly unique. There are many online sites with people offering pendants, rings or earrings made to your specifications, meaning you can get the perfect accessory for your wardrobe which you can guarantee no one else will be wearing.

Colored jewelry is the same as other accessories, in the sense it should match your outfit, with no eye-straining color clashes. The perfect outfit would be black or a contrasting color, as this ensures the bright accessories are seen. If your clothes are patterned the accessories should pick out one of the colors and enhance it. If you get the jewelry right, all your accessories will the talking point of the party.

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