The Dual USB Charger: How It Keeps You Working

In this day and age, when time is of the essence, a dual USB car charger is a good thing to have.

Using a USB car charger is a smart business move because it can keep you working and ensure you are able to stay in touch with your contacts.

Compatible Devices

The cell phone car charger is compatible with a stunning range of devices and these include the follow devices:

This is where having the ability to charge them in your car can play such a crucial part in ensuring you have a working device to use in your business.

And it’s not just those with a hectic schedule who can benefit greatly from a dual USB car charger.

*Kindle devices

Mobile phones are essential in long distance trips so it’s important that their batteries are always full until the travelers have reached their destination.

So long as the vehicle you are using has a cigarette lighter power outlet, you can charge your devices easily and quickly before you arrive for your meeting.

In situations like these, mobile phone chargers like the Vority Duo34CC Dual USB Charger can come in handy.


When it detects a device is fully charged it will automatically shut itself off so there is never any danger of your devices being damaged.

You can expect a safe and continuous transfer of power from the cigarette lighter power source through to your devices without and interference to other electrical systems in the vehicle, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or radio.

The fact that the Dual USB car charger works with such a large range of devices demonstrates its versatility as well as its ability to provide a lot of charging from a singularly small charger.

Parents taking their kids on a long drive, too, will benefit from this charger.

Using these type of materials ensures that the charger is a durable item and not likely to fall apart.

Imagine having to deal with a youngster’s whining and crying if the battery on the tablet suddenly runs out in the middle of a game.

The Dual USB car charger supplies a minimum 5 volt charge and a maximum of 5.3 volts and will quickly charge the devices listed above, two devices at a time. The USB ports are rated at a total of 3.4 Amps. It is worth noting that the input voltage and output charge do not interfere with any other electrical system that may be utilized in the car, such as a wireless or Bluetooth system for example.

So it’s best to have a mobile phone charger like the Vority Duo34CC on board to avoid this predicament.

Using a Dual USB car charger is a time effective way to make sure your devices are ready when you need to use them.


The Dual USB car charger has a lot going for it when you consider how small it is and what it can do. This cell phone charger for car is one you will be happy to own because of its versatility and overall functionality, not to mention its tiny size. It comes with a two year warranty as well, which is further proof of yet another big feature for such a small item. All in all, you can look forward to a big performance from this versatile, tiny charger.

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