The Edge Of Developing Mobile Marketing

Today, every business must make the effort to reach customers and this includes the mobile customers. Each business has to make the effort to utilize mobile marketing methods such as mobile applications, social media and optimized becoming more prevalent. The following statistics will give a clearer understanding on the importance of creating mobile marketing campaigns.

Statistics show that 28% of people under age 25 and 18% who are over age 25 start the day by connecting to social media with their mobile phones before getting out of bed. The same percentage use their mobile phones for checking on the news. They log onto media networks rather than turning on their television sets. You can be sure these potential customers see your message on a regular basis when you use mobile marketing.

In 2011, there are approximately 835 million smart phone users in the U.S. resulting to $45-billion social media revenue for the year. In order to target these users and reap great rewards for the business, it is necessary to develop mobile-centric marketing and as well as user applications. Without these aspects, the increasing number of smart phone users will not be able to avail the various services and products of the business.

Data from Nielson in 2012 shows that people spend 64 percent of their usage on their smartphones on mobile applications. So your aim should be to create an application that enables user to reach your products or services or one that effectively promotes the company.

These days, text message marketing is also on a rise. Clients also like to be part of the loop lowering the value of email. On average, the responses of text messages are 1,000 times faster compared to email responses. Spams are also effectively prevented with text message marketing. However, it is important to stick only with users who signed up for communications.

Companies must learn to change with the times and that includes using mobile marketing correctly. The Internet is becoming more mobile to accommodate the mobility of users who are not confined to laptops or desks as in the past

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