The Great Murder Mystery Book

A murder mystery book can bring entertainment into any individual’s life. The general population rely on these writings to give them a sense of escape and case solving. The best writers work can be found in many stores and if you look hard enough you will be able to spot the author that gets your motor running.

Some of the legends include Lincoln Child, James Patterson, Agatha Christie and Patricia Cornwall. These are experts in their field and they know how to grab hold of the reader and never let them go until the very end. Their stories deal with subjects that are quite different to many.

Their goal is to keep a person in suspense and to help them playing the guessing game until the end. The central person of the story is the crime solver with time on their hands. They will often handle the case on their own since they are on the outside looking in while the police gather the evidence.

The subjects that are mainly handled in each of these stories are the protagonist’s life, the antagonist/villain’s life why the crime happened and how the case is resolved. This trip through history and these people gives the reader insight into the goings on in their lives and what motivates someone to commit a crime.

Everyone loves a hero and this is the protagonist who is this particular person. They are usually the victims of the villain’s evil games and with that person’s death their life is made easier. There is also many irons in the fire between these two people and the reader will learn all about them as the story progresses.

The person who is most dastardly is always the most interesting. Readers look towards these individuals to do and say the things that they would not dare to do. It can also be a sad time for the reader when this character meets his/her fate since they are the most watched person in the story. But at the end the main character will determine that the hero did not bump off this person.

In all a great murder mystery book will keep you on the edge of your seat and sometimes it will even make you laugh if the writing has a bit of flair to it. People have thrived on these writings for ages and they seem to do quite well when transformed into movies in the theater.

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