A new concept in battery charging for the iPhone 5S/5C has been introduced to the marketplace and the good news is that customers can expect to see immediate functionality enhancements to their iPhones. The new concept involves using a battery charging case which provides iPhones users with a range of options with which to charge up their iPhones. The battery charger case is also Apple approved so customers will never have to face compatibility issues. Read on to find out more.

What is the iPhone Battery Charger Case?

With the iPhone battery charger case users have the option to charge both the iPhone and the battery charger case, or alternatively just the iPhone or the case on their own. These charging options mean that an iPhone user can start out with a fully charged phone and then charge on the go from the pre-charged battery case.

Interchangeable Frames

Removable Frames

This is the secret to the iPhone battery charger case which is made from it. It provides the enhanced functionality mentioned above. The additional battery capacity is impressive however users can also expect to enjoy an increase to the quality of their music by way of optimized music playback quality.

The surface of the battery charger case is smooth so that it is comfortable to handle when the case is sitting in your hand. The smooth surface also ensures that wear and tear is kept to a minimum and your iPhone 5S/5C is well protected.

These charging options ensure you receive maximum value from your iPhone. By using your own eight pin lightening cable, you can charge the phone only. Alternatively, you can select to charge the both case and phone or the case only, by using the micro USB cable which is included with the charger case.

Safe to Use

No Overcharging

Safety Features

The iPhone battery charger case comes with a selection of optional colour cut-out frames that allows users to accessorize using an additional seven colours. These are red, blue, pink, purple, smoke, slate and green.

iPhone Features No Affected

All functions and features of the iPhone 5S/5C are not hindered in any way and this includes using the camera. It is not necessary to remove the charger case and you can continue to sync with iTunes using the 8 Pin Lightning Output socket on the charger case with all cut-outs. The phone screen and all phone jacks remain accessible at all times while the charger case is in place.


The iPhone battery charger case is an innovative concept that has been approved by Apple. If you are looking for increased functionality as well as increased battery time, standby time and surfing time, the battery charger case can provide it. You can expect to benefit from the increased functionality of the iPhone 5S/5C as it builds on their existing features.

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