The Price of Umpire School

While the cost of attending a professional umpire school isn’t extravagant, it’s also not trivial. The financial cost and also time spent is well worth the experience you’ll have but it’s important to know what you’re getting into when starting any new adventure. Financial planning is a part of being a responsible person.

Below you will discover some basic information on what to expect when going to one of the more popular umpire schools. Hopefully this article will get you going on your own road to being a professional umpire simply by moving you toward obtaining the training almost all umpires need.

The Harry Wendelstedt Umpire School charges $2950 US in tuition for their 5 week program. $600 per week, when you break it down, is usually a reasonable cost for an umpire school that could improve your life. This charge involved room rent (you will share a room with another student), insurance to protect you and also the school, course materials including rulebooks and a t-shirt, taxes, and food during meals.

Upon registration they ask you pay $150 US upfront as a deposit when completing the application. This leaves $2800 US due just before finishing enrollment. Other expenses you have to consider while in school are the price of laundry, snacks, and if you wish to purchase additional clothing or memorabilia to remember you experience. They do not take personal checks but many major credit cards are acknowledged.

Regrettably the school can not accept veterans under the G.I. Bill due to recent changes in the law and also the school doesn’t provide scholarships or student education loans. With that said, there is a program for disabled military people whom you need to investigate if you severed in the force. $3000 can seem like a major expense for some people but if you’re seriously interested in changing your life and becoming an umpire the first place to start is to find proper training and also a professional umpire school is the best way to advance.

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