The Primary Components Of Marquees

Pole tents or marquees are the large tents that are designed for many different purposes. Often they play host to outdoor events such as shows, festivals and even weddings. They are mostly associated with weddings of the English country garden sort.

The simple design of these structures has changed very little in the hundreds of years that these tents have been used. A pole marquee includes a roof canopy that is supported by tall center poles, called king poles. These king poles are tensioned using side lines that have been connected to ground pins, or stakes, and small supporting poles, also known as side poles. King poles are designed to carry the bulk of the weight, while side poles are what give the fabric its shape.

Original units were made from hessian rope, wooden poles and canvas covers. Modern styles utilize different materials. Many companies in the United Kingdom offer tents that they consider American style. These models use nylon ropes, aluminum poles and PVC covers.

Modern materials have helped extend the life of these structures. Furthermore, they are more easy to maintain. Still, canvas models are available. This material is known for being more breathable. It is particularly ideal during hot summers because the material helps lower temperature and humidity inside the tent. It is also watertight.

There are several companies that sell or rent out these units. Some things to consider when purchasing these structures: size, material and lining. There are assortments of accessories that can also be purchased. Examples of these add-ons: doors, flooring, repair kits, spare parts, lighting, flooring, catering partitions, carry boxes and bags, branding, and gables pieces.

Before choosing the details, consider the purpose of the structures. Weddings and other special occasions may call for more emphasis on the outer and inner appearance of the tent. Those using the tents for festivals or shows may be more interested in the durability of the structure, as well as the size. There are several options available when it comes to these units.

Marquees are large tents used to shelter outdoor events, such as weddings, shows and festivals. These may also be referred to as pole tents. The structures are available with many different features, and can be rented or sold by professional companies. Older versions are made from wood, hessian rope and canvas. Modern styles are constructed using different materials that make them long lasting and easier to maintain.

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