The Role Of Muscle Memory For Drummers

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Muscle memory is one of the most important things that a drummer can cultivate. Muscle memory is what dictates force and rhythm when a person is playing the instrument, making it a quantitative factor in success. What is odd about muscle memory is that it is not something that you consciously develop. Instead, it is the result of hours upon hours of practice and performance.

While skills like sight reading can consciously be improved and studied, the instinct that allows for so much precision is much harder to hone in on. Make no mistake, this kind of reflexive action is what makes great musicians so adept.

Many different skills combine together to produce the end result. Things like being able to sight read music, understanding of musical mathematics, skill, and reflex all blend together in order to create the sound which is going to be utilized. As such, it is important to work on all parts of being a drummer- but practice is perhaps the key to the most success overall. Ideally, people should be practicing every day, in order to improve their skill set in every way.

Whether it is doing exercises or working on a particular piece, this kind of repetition is what will guide success in this area. At this point in time, it may be helpful to look to the way that the brain functions as people are engaging in activities.

We learn and grow by making associations in our brains, which we gain through experience. When our minds are abler to connect things like touch or smell or words with events and activities, we are able to remember them and become more proficient.

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That is why people who stop playing the drums for a couple of weeks are going to have a harder time getting back to their skill level, and why they need to warm up for longer periods of time. It is all about the reflexive recall that the brain is able to make in connection with the activity.

Muscle memory honed through many hours of practice is going to make for more skilled performances and better recall overall. The best part of this process is the ability to play music at will, be recalling reflex and simply letting it happen.

Effortless music is a beautiful thing, and it is one that we all can strive for. When it all comes down to it, the effort that is put in over time will always dictate results much more effectively than raw talent can.

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