The Significance Of Human Resource Management

Human resource management (HRM) is a very important function in any business firm. It is responsible for many important activities in an organization to drive it to the success. One main responsibility of HRM is recruitment and selection. HR department must identify job vacancies in an organization and fill those vacancies from qualified workers. The human resource department is also responsible to maintain quality employee performance in the organization.

Therefore, giving proper training and knowledge about company processes, business objectives, policies and procedures to newly recruited employees is another duty of HRM.

Additionally, human resource department is liable to improve performances of employees and maintain high efficiency. Continues performance evaluation should be done and HR people should know characteristics, abilities and weaknesses of every employee in the firm. Generally, HR department conduct training and development programs to improve employee skills.

Maintaining good employee relationships is another responsibility of HRM. The main objective of employee relations is increasing productivity by making satisfied employees. It will also help to increase employee retention.

Managing the entire workforce of a particular organization by setting rules, regulations, policies and procedures are the next job of human resource management. The human resource department always works to achieve organizational goals. It controls the entire workforce and encourages them to achieve business goals.

Many companies face lots of issues because of the misuse of HR practices. This commonly happens because of the lack of knowledge and experiences to identify the real issues and root causes. These are the situations where human resource management and human resource managers come into action. Great human resource management practices and experts in the HR field are capable to identify any issues related to workers. They also can find the exact reasons behind those issues. Human resource management always implements their strategies according to the company goals and objectives. The main aim of HRM is controlling employees to get their maximum productivity and achieving company goals to maximize profits.

Unlike earlier, market completion is very high. With the globalization and new technological trends, it is very difficult to survive in the business field without effective HR practices. Activities such as recruitment and selection, performance evaluation, training and development, employee welfare should be done very carefully. These activities can only be performed through effective human resource management procedures.

Hence, human resource management is vital in any business organization to drive the workforce towards business objectives and goals.

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