The Way CM Punk May Act In Accounts Receivable Collection

The former WWE Champion known as CM Punk clearly hasn’t had the best go of things recently. His loss at the Royal Rumble has only been complemented by his ongoing state of madness. One would think that this would render him more aggressive and, thereby, become a better performer while inside of the ring. This is true and all but I think in a state of accounts receivable collection, he would not be winning any championships in that line of work.

To call Punk a saint might be a bit of a stretch. He’s an aggressive heel through and through and that shows throughout his moves in the ring as well as the language he uses when speaking to the audience and fellow workers. He was able to defend his WWE Championship on multiple occasions and most of those came about because of his penchant to take shortcuts. As WWE Champion, though, it seemed like this actions have only helped him for so long.

So how would CM Punk work in a profession that entails accounts receivable collection? I don’t think that he would do nearly as well as he would lead people to believe. For one, collecting debts of any sort means that there has to be a level of respect to be had between two sides and for someone who constantly speaks about “respect,” Punk may be the least respectful a wrestler as you can hope to find. This alone wouldn’t make him an attractive worker for companies such as Rapid Recovery.

Punk is not the kind of person to let a case go and I could see him breaking into a home for means of payment. He would lash out at the debtors constantly, wanting the amount to be placed into his possession at that very moment. While Punk may be one of the strongest talkers in the wrestling world now, his inclination to stir the proverbial pot could be a problem. It’s that mindset which may not assist Punk well when acting within the world as we know it.

Punk would probably be the first wrestler to break each rule listed in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and there aren’t many wrestling fans who would deny the claim. After all, he’s someone who has broken the rules set for him for the last couple of years and I don’t see that mindset changing anytime soon. It’s why I think that he would be best suited for a job outside of that of accounts receivable collection. I don’t think he needs to raise the ire of more people.

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