Tie Knots

There are different types of necktie knots that are in use today. The kind you choose will depend on a lot of things like the size of your tie, the occasion, and the design of your shirt among other things. Some necktie knots are common but it is good to try out different ones for a more unique look. Choosing an extra long tie will allow greater flexibility of using most types of necktie knots.

The most commonly-used necktie knots in men’s fashion are:

Four in hand – The most popular necktie knot uses a small asymmetrical knot and fits well with small and medium collar openings. This knot works very well as an informal daily knot. When wearing an extra long necktie, an extra wrap around the knot can make a wider knot.

Half Windsor necktie knot – a symmetrical knot that is medium-sized. It fits well with medium and wide collars. This knot looks great in business style and can be worn every day. This is one of the most popular tie knots.

Windsor knot- this is a large symmetrical knot that appears triangular in shape. This works great when worn with a shirt that has a wide collar opening. This is a very good necktie knot when used for formal occasions.

The Pratt knot- this is named after Jerry Pratt and it is very simple to tie. It is a medium sized symmetrical knot that works well with wide and medium collar openings. This is a very good choice for a person who wants to have an extra long tie because it doesn’t use much of the tie length.

There are still many other types of necktie knots and it’s easy to get materials showing step by step guides on how to come up with every one of them. For more advice on this, you can visit some men’s fashion shops where you will learn some great tips.

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