Tips For Purchasing Quilting Supplies In Port Arthur TX

Quilting is a craft that can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Quilts are blankets that have three layers. The middle layer is batting, which adds thickness to the finished product. In the United States, quilting was a favorite pastime during Colonial times. It was primarily a craft for the wealthy because they had plenty of spare time to indulge in such activities. Today, quilters create wall hangings, clothing, and comforters by using this sewing method and buying quilting supplies in Port Arthur TX.

Beginning quilters often find the vast amount of notions and supplies available to be overwhelming. Anyone who wants to learn how to quilt needs to know which items are mandatory to get started. Experienced quilters can add optional notions and tools to their basic sewing kit over time.

Quality cutting tools are essential for cutting fabrics, patterns, and trim. Sewers should always keep a separate pair of scissors strictly for cutting fabric to ensure the blades remain sharp. Another less expensive pair of scissors can be used for cutting paper and other materials.

A seam ripper is another handy tool most people have used at one time or another. This tool has a forked head with a blade and a small point. With it, the user can quickly remove stitches.

Straight pins are essential to quilting and they must be kept sharp for the best results. Pin cushions keep pins in a central location but serve other purposes as well. These items are stuffed with wool roving, which eliminates the problem of rusty pins. Cushions have a small ball filled with an abrasive material attached to the top. Sticking the pins into this ball occasionally will clean debris off them and keep them sharp. Dull pins make large holes, which detract from the aesthetics of the final product.

Basting pins hold fabrics together while spray basting and pin basting. These pins resemble ordinary safety pins but have a curve. The unique shape is able to hold multiple fabric layers in place without shifting.

Most people have a difficult time creating a quilt by eyeballing how the pieces go together. Marking tools take the guesswork out of this task. Air soluble markers use ink that disappears after some length of time while water soluble ink washes out with water. Most quilters use chalk when they do not need the marking to last a long time. Chalk transfer paper is an option that is useful for tracing designs with a ballpoint pen or pencil with a dull tip.

Quilters need a good iron to press fabrics while working on a project. An iron that is 1500 watts or higher is a good choice for this type of crafting. Other helpful features include steam and no steam options and an automatic shut off mechanism for safety. Adding spray starch to the fabric before pressing can improve accuracy when cutting and piecing fabrics together.

A standalone or tabletop ironing board offers a safe surface for pressing fabric. A tabletop model saves floor space in the sewing room. Quilters of all skill levels can get started on any project if their sewing kit contains these tools.

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