Tips To Help You Better Pronunciation In English

English is the most spoken language in the world. Because of this, it is always important to learn the language so that you do not have problem communicating especially when you travel to another country. Even if your country of destination does not speak English, you will not fail to find at least one or two people you can communicate with using English. However, just going to an English class is never enough. Apart from the language mastery, you will also have to be good in its pronunciation. Below are a few tips to help you better pronunciation in English.

The easiest way to improve your articulation is to practice repetitively. Now that you are aware of your errors, you can always practice their corrected articulations. The best way to do this is to be alone in a room and pronounce words out loudly. You can compare your pronunciation with that of native speakers and see if you need to improve.

When you learn a new word or vocabulary, you should always try to master how to pronounce it. The longer you pronounce a word incorrectly, the harder it will be for you to pronounce it the right way. Because of this, you should always try to know the correct articulation of every new word you learn.

You can also record yourself speaking. It will be interesting to listen to yourself and how you pronounce different words. It will be easy to realize that a word is wrongly pronounced if you hear it from a third party than when you are the one speaking it. If you record yourself, it will be like a third party speaking to you hence you will be picking pronunciation errors and be able to listen to them.

You should also identify a role model who is fluent in the language and try to work with him/her closely. Role models are people who are good in the language you are trying to learn either because they are naturally good at it or because they have worked hard to reach where they are. A role model does not have to be your teacher or a public speaker. It can even be your spouse, friend or colleague so long as they are good in articulation.

It is going to be extremely difficult for you to improve your accent if most of them people around you do not speak English. This is why you will also need to choose friends who can help you achieve your goals. People who are fluent with their accent will greatly help you improve yours as well. This is because they would not want you to lag behind if you are in their company.

You should also train your ears to be a good listener. When you hear a native speaker pronounce a word correctly, it will always keep on ringing in your mind and every time you pronounce it you will try to do so correctly. You can also listen to pronunciations on television shows, radio programs or movies.

These are the major tips for better pronunciation in English. You should also not feel embarrassed to make mistakes. People usually learn from these mistakes so it is not bad to be corrected.

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