Tools for Article Marketing — Keyword Research

So you have been writing articles. I applaud you! This stuff takes time. You’ve been brainstorming, researching and writing. It could get overwhelming. But never fear! Tools for article marketing are right here!

I’ve decided to create this a three-part series. Within this initial part, I’m going to start together with the most important point you need to do any time you start out article advertising: choosing key phrases.

I know many of you happen to be on a budget, so I’ve integrated cost-free tools for article marketing in addition to paid tools. The free tools for article marketing are good, and they are going to get you exactly where you’ll need to go. But let me share with you an opinion I heard from a 7-figure earning, online marketing leader:

“Buy tools because being cheap will keep you broke.”

Now, I believe you must usually stick to your price range. However, once you do have revenue to invest a lot more into your business, please, do yourself as well as your small business a favor and upgrade for the paid tools for article marketing. There’s a explanation why they’ve a price: they do much more in a shorter period of time, saving you valuable time to do other significant issues. We are able to make extra funds but we can in no way get back that time. You are time is valuable and valuable, and you require it to continue creating your business in other areas. Tools for article marketing are there to leverage that time. Use them.

When you’re ready to create an article, you need to know or at the very least have an idea about what you want to speak about. If you need your article to become located in the search engines, you’ll want to know specifically what search terms or keyword or keyword phrases men and women enter into Google or Yahoo! or Bing to seek out details.

You then construct your post about those key phrases. This is how the search engines will recognize that you are short article is about that distinct keyword, and the engines will rank your short article higher in search results. When your article ranks higher in search results, the chances of people today finding and reading your short article are much greater.

But how do you know what people are searching for? Use keyword tools for article marketing!

Name: Google Keyword Tool — An internet-based tool

Price – Free

What I like:

You can do a narrow search to find the exact words individuals search for within your niche.

It is possible to do a broad search and may get a ton of content ideas and longtail keyword phrases that you simply under no circumstances thought of and those results can help you come up with more report material.

What I do not like:

It only captures Google’s site visitors, not Yahoo!’s or Bing’s.

It performs best when looking for short keyword phrases. Longtail phrases don’t supply as many results.

From time to time the outcomes show terms that you just cannot consider you can work into an article but with some creative pondering and staring at the screen for a while, some ideas could possibly come to you. This could be a genuine time-waster.

Name: Keyword Winner — A plug-in (Not

Price — One-time payment of $47

What I like:

It captures Google, Yahoo! and Bing’s visitors.

You input the keyword you would like to rank for, and the results will pop up under one of three colors: red, yellow or green.

Red implies too much competitors, you will under no circumstances win this keyword.

Yellow implies, there’s competitors but it is winnable having a large amount of work.

Green implies, GO, GO, GO! Use this keyword now, it is a winner!

What I do not like:

From time to time right after you complete a dozen or so searches incredibly speedily, back-to-back, all of your search outcomes will all come back green, which is not possible. I’ve read it is a search engine algorithm issue.

Support didn’t know what to do when all the outcomes come back the same. The subsequent day, everything was okay. Lucky for me, it has only occurred once.

There you have it. My take on two keyword research tools for article marketing. No more guessing about what readers are looking for. Now that you simply know what they want, give it to them!

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