Top Tips To Get The US Passport Photos You Demand

You may feel daunted having your passport photograph taken. Don’t be! This simple guide should ensure you don’t encounter any pitfalls thus enabling a seamless vacation. Different countries have different demands, here are the US State Department’s specifications.

You will require two identical pictures that will need to be submitted with your passport application form.

Passport photos have to be printed on special photo-quality paper.

The Passport Photos you have printed must be in colour.

Your passport photos should have been taken within the last six months.

The size of the photos that you submit should be 2″ x 2″ to be acceptable.

Your picture must be square to the camera with out anything obscuring the face. Clothing should be simple day to day dress without a head covering or polarised glasses in front of a white screen. As you look at the camera ensure your mouth is closed and your posture is natural with eyes that are open. The photos must be clear sharp and not have a grainy image otherwise they will be disallowed.

Your head should make up about 50% of the total photo area and should measure between 1 -1 3/8″ from chin to crown. It should be in the center of the picture level and not looking off to the left of right.

It is possible to wear a hat or headgear on grounds of religious belief as long as your face is not obstructed.

If you wear eye glasses during the course of the day you may leave them on in your passport photos. The photographer must ensure that there in no reflection otherwise the pictures will be unacceptable. It is also important that your eyes can bee seen clearly in the photographs.

If for medical reasons you wear tinted spectacles then you will be allowed to have them on in your pictures. It is possible however that you will be required to provide written proof from your Dr if asked.

Uniforms in passport pictures should be avoided unless they are being worn on religious grounds.

It can be difficult to get passport photos of children in which case it is advisable to have them taken professionally. Parents and Grandparents shouldn’t be visible in the pictures and any props or posing aids should be totally absent from the final photo.

Obtaining a copy of a photo from your driving license is not allowed. Digitally manipulating your photos using computer software will result in them being rejected.

Photographs copied from newspapers and magazines will not comply with the strict regulations. It is also likely that pictures from most vending booths will be rejected. Photos that are a full length body shot of the subject will also be disallowed.

You may take your own pictures with a digital camera providing it has sufficient resolution. The photographic equipment must have the ability to capture and store images with 1 mega-pixel or greater. It is however recommended that a professional photography lab prints the digital images as home equipment is very often unable to meet the specific criteria.

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