Topsearchbanner Vs Adwords

This article will mark the notable differences between two anomalous advertisement techniques: TopSearchBanner and Google AdWords tool:

1. Adwords, a product of Google, involves the PPC (Pay Per Click) promotional strategy. This strategy involves you to pay only when a user clicks on your advertisement link. Although it is advantageous in some instances, you have to be a little cautious. On choosing an appropriate keyword, you might find yourself as one of the buyers of your keyword. You might also need to pay as much as 90$ to get clicks to your link. When it comes to TopSearchBanner, you only need to pay for a keyword once in a year, and only you get to know the performance of your keyword.

2. If you choose the Google Adwords campaign, you will have to run against other companies. So, you might have to mark your keywords at a higher price. This might negatively impact your ROI sometimes and you must have a high professional acumen to cut it down. However, with TopSearchBanner, you will simply need to put the url for your keyword in order to generate traffic to your website.

3. The budget for your promotional strategy will always go up and down if you go with Google Adwords, depending on the number of keywords or results. On the other hand, TopSearchBanner comes with a fixed price for a set of keywords. So, you only need to pick the appropriate keywords for your business.

4. TopSearchBanner highlights your webpage on top of search results in a banner format. Moreover, the visitors can easily view the page without clicking on any advertisement links against their preference.

5. Last but not the least, Google AdWords functions only on a Google Search Engine or on its associate network, while TopSearchBanner works on every leading search engine, and also on dozens of other websites.

This comparison describes 5 main feature differences between 2 advertising technologies. You can get more information on the website as well as tools for choosing right keywords.

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