Types Of Hand Dryers

Professional hairdryers are used in many places of business, due to their cost-effective and energy efficient operations. Other than the preliminary set up, these are also more cost-effective to use than sponges, protecting between 80 to 95 % on supply costs. There are several types of hairdryers available, such as the power key, computerized and quick-drying versions.

The push button hand dryer is the least expensive version, while still being efficient. This style hand dryer uses between 110 to 120 volts of electricity, meaning it can cut costs up to 85 percent. Push button hand dryers take approximately 45 seconds to dry your hands thoroughly. Most versions of this style hand dryer shut off automatically after 80 seconds, but there are versions available that will do so sooner. Available options include a rotating nozzle for drying the hair and face, and recessed models, for saving space.

Automatic hand dryers are becoming more popular, because they only stay on, when in use. This design side clothing dryer uses an infra-red indicator to identify when a individual’s arms are under the hand dryer. As soon as it finds the arms, that have been eliminated, it changes off. Like the past edition, this hand dryer uses 110 to 120 v of power. Along with the automated feature, it can cut expenses up to 90 %.

The biggest issue of individuals, who have it, when it comes to using hand dryers is that they take too long to dry their hands. This convinces the advancement of the fast dry version. This hand dryer uses 80 % less energy than the push-button and computerized side hand dryers, because it gets the hands completely in 10 to 15 seconds. It will save 95 % in costs, in comparison to using sponges. They use 208 to 240 v of energy, but dry your hands in one third of the time.

All models of the hand dryer come in either chrome, stainless steel or white epoxy finishes, allowing them to match the decor in most bathrooms. The hand dryer is also available in quiet models,for those who are sensitive to the loud noise of the classic model. Despite whether the model is full-sized or recessed, it must meet the height requirements for males, females, children and handicapped people when installed.

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