UE Is The Maker Of The United Electric Pressure Switch

Switches that are used to control an electrical circuit are necessary within many industrial machines, and UE, or United Electric Control, is a company that makes these products. The United electric pressure switch can be purchased in several different designs, but all are made to withstand rugged industrial conditions. Their designs have different components, for example, a diaphragm or a piston sensor, and these additions allow the switches to operate because they determine when the electrical circuit should be turned off or on.

These switches are parts of electrical machinery, and they are operated based on the amount of pressure that they receive. For example, if they are pressurized to a certain degree the electrical current may be turned on or off. The same is applicable when no pressurization occurs, or if a certain level of pressurization is maintained. In general, the switches are highly programmable, and are extremely reliable in regards to safety.

Industrial machines commonly have differential switches as well, which are switches capable of handling two systems at a time. Two system devices often include those of fuel cells and refrigeration. Differential switches will also be either turned off or on when there are changes in pressure. Electrical functions are created with these changes in pressurization.

The company UE can be found in the United States, in Massachusetts. It is in Watertown, and also operates another two companies which conduct their business as Applied Sensor Technologies and Precision Sensors. Combined, these companies manufacture a number of different kinds of switches, those that are controlled by varying temperatures and pressures, and various types of controls and sensors.

The products that the company manufactures include switches for hazardous locations, general purpose and those for the semiconductor, military and aerospace industry. The products manufactured conform to the ISO 9001 certification. The company also plays their part in caring for the environment. They participate in recycling, energy management and non-toxic manufacturing processes.

Customers will go to Applied Sensor Technologies when they want to purchase sensors of various types for OEM and end-user operations. The US government makes use of their sensors in numerous equipment, and private industries purchase from the company as well. Gas turbines are an example of equipment that make use of their sensors.

Precision Sensors has been supplying their customers with quality products for longer than 40 years. Their customers include companies within the defense and aerospace industry, and their products include switches that are of the electromechanical, temperature and vacuum variety. They offer reasonable prices and their products are commonly in alarm devices too, that are used for the safety of both people and their possessions.

Customers have access to various forms of support. If they need help with a United electric pressure switch there are online support options as well as telephone numbers that can be used. Online, someone can ask an expert for assistance, or search popular questions and answers to find help. It is also possible to request more information at any time.

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