Understand The Global GOLD Strategy

The periodic reports on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have made it easier to improve management in different parts of the world. They have helped enhance the global Gold strategy in its attempt to provide a uniform approach to the cases around the world. The aim is to ensure that diagnosis, treatment and management is improved from time to time.

The recommendations made by the 2014 report include a new approach to management. This comes from findings made by professionals and researchers working in the field and commissioned to give feedback. The paradigm used in treatment should however be maintained. There is a delicate balance between the two aspects. It requires understanding to master these aspects.

The issues that have been assessed until the report was released include the level of symptoms for the patient, the risk of exacerbation in future, how severe the spirometric abnormality is and the identification of comorbidities. The report targets health care professionals who are directly involved in care for affected patients. It takes to account the structure of health care service delivery in an area.

Management tools are developed with the clinical setting in mind. The symptoms of each patient and the likelihood of developing a serious health issue in future must be considered. The reports have increased reliance on evidence from time to time. The evidence relied upon in generating the reports is gathered from different regions to offer a wider perspective.

The presence of distinguished scholars and scientists in the committees has given the reports the power they require. The specialists are drawn from different countries and regions with the aim of gathering evidence from a wider area. This will offer a global perspective to intervention.

A multisectoral approach has been adapted to include governments, institutions and professionals in the health sector. The aim is to create awareness among health workers, national leadership, health care providers and the general population on the burden that comes with COPD. This will simplify early detection, prevention and management.

The essence of releasing regular reports is to offer information and guidelines that would improve the quality of intervention. The report covers treatment and severity of the disease at personal level to a very large extent. It also gives a verdict on the effectiveness of treatment. It lauds the intervention measures taken in different areas.

The severity of the disease is used as way of classifying patients. It tells if a patient is headed for hospitalization and gives an impression of how he has been affected at personal level. The attack varies from one individual to the other based on quality of health, breathlessness and level of exercise. Constant updates are necessary to improve on intervention.

Management of the condition is simplified and given a universal face. The aim is to benefit from the findings of other people, countries or regions. There is increased movement towards individualized medicine because of the uniqueness of each situation.

Increased focus on developing personalized therapy is emphasized in most recent reports. The disease worries professionals since despite being treatable and preventable, it is considered among the top four killers in the world. It is possible to prevent premature deaths resulting from complications or the actual disease. A lot of research is still being carried out.

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