Unique Capture Pages Or Duplication

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing, one of the most important tings you learn right from the beginning is the importance of the web page a customer goes to gather more information about the product you are promoting. With landing web pages, you ave two options. You can use a direct link, also called an Affiliate link, that leads your potential customers to the parent company’s product capture page. You can also choose to create your own unique capture pages.

The merchant’s capture page is a great aid for beginners. It is also a good option for people who haven’t yet learned how to create web pages, even simple ones. Although the merchant’s capture page can seem to be helpful, continuing to use it can actually be problematic down the road. Once you have managed to establish a name for yourself and learned about the various techniques involved in affiliate marketing, you can learn how to create your own capture page that is completely different, not just in the text but also in the design.

A capture page is different from a website or blog. There aren’t multiple pages. It is one page that talks about the product and provides an opportunity for purchase. The major difference between a merchant provided page and a unique one is that a unique capture page is your own creation.

A unique capture page provides you with a better ability to remain consistent with visitors. Basically, you work hard to establish a relationship and trust. This means that you are writing your own emails for email marketing, blog posts for extra information and feedback, and submitting informative articles to crucial sites that help promote your website. Your readers have learned that you have a specific tone- a voice. They get acclimated to this and look for this same voice in everything with your name on it. When you create your own capture page, you have the ability to maintain this same voice, letting your readers now that it is you and not something commercialized.

It is important to understand how bad using duplicate content is. When you read about avoiding duplicating content for search engine requirements, you should know that this means more than just reusing content of your own or someone else. This also applies to reusing content that may be provided by the merchants that you are signed with. It is common for merchants to provide their affiliates with content that can legally be reused to promote the product, but no one really considers how much this content is used by others. Capture pages fall into this category as well.

Capture page templates are a good option when your web page designing skills are limited. Not very many people have the advanced knowledge that is needed to create a unique capture page that is made up of codes and other complicated parts. Instead, you can choose templates that have positions laid out for the things that you want to put on your product page, like graphics and text. All you do is input the data in the boxes.

Unique capture pages are better to use than the duplicated or replicated capture pages that you get from the merchants. In the long run, it may seem like it would be better and more time efficient to use something that is already made, but your marketing campaign suffers. The pages that merchants provide rarely change and are used by a lot of other marketers.

There are professional designers who are skilled in the art of capturing leads with a unique capture page. Here is a professional service we have reviewed to be one of the most reputable for Lead Capture Page Design. With unique pages designed for your specific needs and product/services, Custom Capture Pages are most definitely the way to go for the winning edge.