Usage Of GPS Machine Control Files For Earthmoving

GPS or Global Positioning System has now been included in the earthmoving industries. Heavy equipment manufacturers are now applying this technology in their procedures. These are for land grading, roads, causeways, railway beds, levees, dams, berms, and canals.

A lot of advances in technology had led to modifications and innovations to provide efficiency and cost effective production which is why these developments are being made. The utilization of GPS machine control files is one of these developments and applications for earthwork. It reduces a lot of cost for production and fastens the pace for work.

Late 1990s was the beginning of heavy equipment corporations to innovate this technology while dominating the market sector for this type of procedure as well as advancing the process even further. This simply works by comparing the positions of the blade with the current location of the graders. It gives the difference while making it able to automatically adjust itself. Making these place holders for location is the use of the GPS.

3D and 2D software are now being utilized, developed, and being upgraded even further to help with this sort of procedure. The topography map of the area is imported to these software for it to let the operator have a better visualization for the whole area. Leading companies are actually making their own software and constantly making revisions and upgrades to give higher accuracy in the process.

There are two types of systems that are being used in earthmoving for the heavy equipment industry. They are simply categorized as Indicate Only and Fully Automatic. These two systems can use one or also two of the receivers. Having only one would limit the guidance system in the orientation of the position of the machine. Having two would allow two points of the position which gives also the angle of the machine in relation to the site plan.

Having an accurate topographic map and design would fully utilize the GPS capabilities and give accurate results. These files are most likely from an engineering firm and then can be converted to the display for GPS. A few guidance systems has the capability to define the elevation and angle of the grade, too.

Here are the heavy equipment that are installed with this guidance system. Compactors, Scrapers, Hydraulic Excavators, and Motor Graders. This is a great advantage for the machines for them to have higher accuracy, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. This can give lesser people on the field as well, making it more convenient.

The cost for one machine would start about a hundred million dollars. And when this is used at its full potential, it can give about thirty percent above the efficiency and productivity rate compared to traditional methods. Because of high accuracy, there is not much cost on materials and resources. This is the reason why a lot of construction projects are using the aid of GPS as a requirement for them to cut expenses.

Although it has limitations to its effectivity due to the environment since it utilizes signals to work. So this should be taken into consideration in the project site where it is located and what are some obstructions that are nearby. Roofs of buildings or any structure close to the site may create a dead zone for the satellite. Although overall Global Position System used in Earthmoving has been the most efficient and productive method and can be also developed even further.

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