Useful Tile Care Tips Offered By Dade County Granite Polishing Company

You are planning to add some lovely natural tile to your home and you need some advice about maintenance. A local tile company is often the best place to ask questions. Armed with some good advice, you can make the perfect choice for your needs. A few helpful tips here will get you started.

When granite is at the top of your list, you know that it will look beautiful. Some styles have tiny crystals inside that shimmer a bit. It is often a top choice for entry ways, showers and kitchen food prep areas. Though this is a slightly porous rock, it will be sealed by the manufacturer to keep out soil. These Tile Care Tips Offered by a Dade County Granite Polishing Company will help you keep your investment in good shape for a very long time.

Daily care will keep stonework looking its best. Use mild detergent, anti-bacterial if you like, and warm water, to wash your counter surfaces. Rinse with more water and then use a soft, clean cloth to dry it. Remember to never cut directly on the stone, but use cutting boards instead. Place towels or mats under items placed on the top to avoid scratches. Never put hot cooking pans on top, either.

When you cook with acidic liquids, do not place them on the counter. The stone is prone to absorbing and staining. So wines, lemon juice, hot sauce, balsamic vinegars and pickle juice are some things to use elsewhere.

When your regular cleaning efforts no longer get out stains, then you might try a stone poultice. This granular powder soaks out stains. No success? Then call for professional help. They are trained to clean and polish rock surfaces so that the original beauty returns.

Some professionals recommend that you polish a granite surface about once a month to remove a very thin surface layer. Then, the proper sealant is applied. Future follow up is all that is required.

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