Uses And Applications Of Water Jet Cutting Services

If you are a steel fabricator you may need to make use of water jet cutting services. These services are used by anyone who needs to saw through hard matter including marble, titanium and iron. The services of these companies who have the jet cutting machines are used by a variety of businesses and individuals. Interior designers in need of custom metal fabrication often use water jet services.

Water jet machines work by using a high pressure jet of water to erode away at surfaces at a high speed and pressure. In the same way that a river takes hundreds of years to erode away the rock at its banks, these machines apply the same process but at an intensely accelerated rate. The machines have been invented and developed over a course of many decades to produce the precision technology we have today.

The technology is valuable because it can cut through many a wide range of materials without affecting the inherent structure of that material. Other cutters may produce heat when they cut and therefore cause some melting action during the cutting process. Others cutters such as diamonds are unable to produce the same smooth finish of a water jet in the same period at anywhere near the speed because they are limited by their density.

The technology is very flexible indeed. It can work through large scale cutting projects such as weapons manufacture, aircraft building and mining. They also can work on micro cutting projects with absolute precision and are therefore good for cutting small tools and even jewellery. This is also technology only produces water as a by product and uses little energy and is thus considered an eco-friendly technology.

Water jets also utilize computer technology to maximize efficiency and convenience. The can cut bespoke items from drawings provided in CAD. The designer is able to communicate with the machines directly because there is no middle person between her and the machine.

It is most convenient to access the services of companies offering services in jet cutting via the internet. Most service providers have a website and you will be able to upload designs created with CAD programs directly onto their website. You can also specify the materials you want the object cut in and pay for it there and then.

So, it is not only those need custom metal fabrication or steel fabricators who make use of water jet cutting services. Various industries enjoy the benefits to expedite work flow.

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