Using Senior Pictures Lubbock Twelfth Graders Portray Their Uniqueness

High school is full of a traditions, from football games, prom and the ever coveted time of graduation. But before this pivotal moment, students often have the tradition of having their senior portraits made. While some students do not see the point of getting these portraits done, most actually see them as a right of passage of sorts. When deciding on senior pictures Lubbock students have a lot of decisions to make.

While the focus of these pictures will vary from student to student, it goes without saying that almost everyone wants to look their best in these photos. Many students will choose to get their pictures done the summer between their junior and senior school year. This is an excellent time to plan on taking the pictures because summer is generally a lot less stressful than the months during the school year.

Generally, when a person has less stress in their lives, their skin will be clearer. This lack of stress can also mean bigger and brighter smiles. Being careful when experiencing sun exposure is a good idea for everyone and especially for the student who is preparing for their important photo shoot. While they will likely look healthier with a little sun, looking like a burnt lobster will ruin an important picture.

Hair is also an important part of any photograph and the student will want to practice doing different hairstyles for a week or so before picture day. Haircuts should also be done a few weeks before the big day as this will give the hair a little time to grow in order to avoid a picture hair disaster. A student who is prepared in knowing what they are doing with their hair will be less stressed on the day of the pictures.

By knowing what they are wearing, the student can ease a lot of potential anxiety on the day of the photo shoot. When choosing a photo package, the student will become aware of the amount of outfit changes that the photographer will allow them. Generally, the student can expect to be allowed to change clothes 3 to 6 times. While some people will buy new clothes for the day of pictures, wearing a comfortable outfit should be top priority. It is vital that the student pick out their clothes and examine them before going to the photographer’s studio in case there are any problems with the clothing.

Between girls and guys, guys will have a more simple photographic experience. This is likely because they will only be uptight about their hair being straight and their clothes being comfortable. On the other hand, girls will have many more issues to worry about. They will be worrying that their hair looks bad or that they look fat or that their makeup just isn’t quite right.

Glittery makeup can be popular and fun to wear. However, it should be omitted from the senior portrait wardrobe as it can create light spots on the skin in the camera’s eye. Wearing light, natural looking makeup will work best.

The senior pictures Lubbock students have taken will serve to show others who they really are. Using pets or other props really help drive the point of their individuality home. While some students will dread having their portraits done, they should grasp this unique opportunity to show the world their true selves.

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