Using Yahoo! PPC Effectively

It’s a common knowledge that Yahoo! Search Marketing isn’t as widely used compared to Google AdWords program. However, let’s make that our main reason for giving it a try- not so stiff competition, lesser bid costs and a bigger conversion. Online marketers/advertisers who want to test out new markets and introduce their products are slowly turning Yahoo! PPC into their new hotspot because of its affordability. Let’s find out what all you should keep in mind while working with Yahoo! PPC.

Placing Keywords in Ad Text: When you’re working with PPC marketing, the basic rule to follow is to place your keywords in the text of your ad for this makes Yahoo! display your ad to searchers during their searches using your targeted keywords. Your ad will always stay relevant if you use the most relevant keywords in your ad, which will translate to more exposure.

Changing Minimum Bid Prices: The truth of the matter is, keywords on Yahoo! are dynamic, therefore they do not stay active or inactive at all times; the situation varies from one moment to another. Every so often during your PPC campaign on Yahoo!, you’ll receive reports saying that some of your keywords have become inactive because they do not qualify for the minimum bid requirement, and then you’ll receive another email saying that your keywords have turned active again because the bid prices have been decreased. So, what should your course of action be during such events? Its’ actually beyond your reasoning capacity how and why Yahoo! sets the minimum bid for key. Regardless, once you are notified of the fluctuations, you can always monitor your account for traffic deceases and bids increases when the keywords become active.

Stay Away from Bidding Wars: When you’re advertising on the Yahoo! Search Network, keep in mind that your investment is valuable and should be used smartly. Don’t let your temper overcome you and get into a bidding war for a few high volume keywords; you have better things to do than that. It would be more practical to include in your bids those keywords that are specific and bears a lower search volume.

Every little thing that we discussed in this article is important to keep in mind because ultimately, you’re investing your money into running a campaign on Yahoo! and you deserve to get a good return on your investment and make some profits.

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