Very Short Wedding Hair Styles

Women normally resort to very short hairstyles to get out of the daily habit of seeing themselves in long hair in front of the mirror day after day after day. Others simply want to reduce the time consumed in the maintenance that goes with having long hair.

However, women feel there’s hardly anything that can be done with their short crop after a few weeks or months from the day they had their hair cut. This is the time when the initial newness of the very short hairstyles wears off. But this feeling is farthest from the truth. There are actually a number of interesting and fun options that can be taken to look different each day regardless of having a very short haircut.

To add dimension to the face, very short hairstyles with long bangs on the front and sides can be resorted to. They add leanness to the face and prominence to the jaw line. Another thing about very short hairstyles is its scope for layer creation. The back of the hair can be made to come down in a tight cut through the nape while the upper portions are cut in layers.

Short hair wedding styles may involve keeping the overall length of the hair very short. Edginess can be introduced into the style by letting a few bangs fall lightly in the front. The prerogative of keeping the hair in mid-ear length and straightened with a styling iron is there for a woman to take. In this prerogative, the front bangs are kept heavy by letting them fall to the eyes. The completion of the look is a matter of an asymmetric cut for the entirety of the hair.

Another option for short hair wedding styles has a woman keeping the length very short at the nape. The side bangs are filled up to mid-ear length or even shorter. The front bangs are styled longer, covering the cheekbones or even lower. If this style does not please a woman, she can opt to keep the hair length still to the nape at the back. However, in this alternative style, the hair is kept very short on the front and sides. Short layers are gone for throughout her head.

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