Vintage Skateboards – Collector’s Item For The Most Popular Extreme Sport

As of now, professional skateboarding is a very popular extreme sport, and a lot of individuals who love this sport are gathering vintage skateboards. Whether they’re riders or simply spectator possessing a collection of vintage skateboards is both a passion and a hobby. A great deal of these skate boards from the 60’s, 70’s and also the 1980’s era are commonly recognized as old school, this term was given by contemporary skateboarders. Using vintage skateboards offers great aesthetics in this sport as well as an excellent display in every home.

When collecting vintage skateboards, look for brands or styles that were very well-known in their day. Numerous of these were created by the sport’s earliest pros. Nowadays, these boards typically cost in excess of a thousand dollars. These high-end boards from the past are hard to come by. Not just are they prized by collectors, but they were also made in very small volumes.

During the sport’s infancy, there simply were not as many skaters around. Those that did get boards often did not have the funds to invest in high-end boards; these kids were working odd jobs like mowing and trimming lawns to save up the money to purchase themselves a board.

Now collectors’ items, vintage skate boards went through several incarnations before settling on the size and style of a modern day skateboard. One example is, those produced from the 1950s through the 1970s were molded more like a surfboard, and made of strong wood or plastic. Several even had steel decks. Most were only six or seven inches wide, coupled with clay or metal wheels that had been initially created for roller skating.

Skateboards produced in the late 70s, the 2nd incarnation of boards, use modern day urethane wheels instead of clay or metal wheels. Incorporating trucks and other elements which are much closer in style to modern day skate boards than those produced in the 1950s through the early 70s, these boards often had decks made of polypropylene, fiberglass, or other contemporary materials, though maple plywood was the most popular material.

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