Vintage Style Dresses – 70S And The 80S Prom Dresses

Next in our journey on the hunt for the perfect vintage prom dress, let’s look at the prom dress possibilities of the 70s era. We’re thinking about the style of the beautiful vixen Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface for inspiration.

The completely cut blonde bob along with a satin slip bias cut dress is equivalent to the 30s, however the eccentric multicolored make up made it completely 70s. Sissy Spacek in the horror motion picture ‘Carrie’, is the fine example of just how proms were completed in the 70s. A lot of champagne nudes, flowing curls and also lashings of hair spray.

For a nod to the rebellious punk look you can team your trusty demure satin gown with appealing platform shoes. There are many alternatives out there on the highstreet for a minimally cut and draped dress. Incorporating a number of attractive fashion accessories for instance big gold earrings are going to add more than just of the era’s elegance.

What about the sort of the 80s to rock and roll your prom party? The idea of 80s prom is a little bit scandalous, and the peroxide blonde and bleached denim is definitely a little bit terrifying. You can look at raiding your mum’s wardrobe for a long neglected sequin dress. It might look really loud and colourful nevertheless a little sewing may possibly confirm otherwise. Now get your scissors out to take away the inner lining of the gown and make sure you get rid of those dodgy shoulder pads. You’ll instantly make it an absolute vision! Top it off with your personal old leather biker jacket, and high platforms sandals, to be the coolest chick of your ball.

Have you stumbled across a tatty old long gown with puffy sleeves and horrible long length? Again, get your scissors out to cut it a mini length. If you or you mum has a sewing machine you can easily hem the skirt or take it to your local dry cleaners to get that nice and neat hem for a few dollars. Add some spunky studs on the shoulders of your dress, and team with a studded alice band to be top of the interesting outfits at your prom. Like so many examples that we’ve listed in the past articles, it’s totally possible to find ourselves some inexpensive vintage dresses to alter for our prom, or even better, we can get a vintage style dress to imitate the style of all those sirens in different eras from some of the movies we listed as inspiration.

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