Vority For Your Gadget\’s Power Needs

Vority does it again with their next dual usb wall charger – the Vority Fast & Smart DUO34AC! Aiming to combine safety, compatibility, functionality into one small package, the developers of Vority managed to pull off a new dual usb wall charger that is both practical and fashionable for both the common and the hardcore consumers alike. Sporting a light, compact design that aims to appeal to both casual and professional users, it works best for household and office use alike. Its features make it suitable for people who like to travel, making it best for almost everybody who needs to charge multiple devices at once.

Specially built for the needs of the technologically competitive consumer, the DUO34AC is fit for every one; from the casual consumers, for the hardcore techie, and even for the businessmen on the go. With its feature-packed specifications, it is the best choice for everyone.

This puts your device safety first. It has an LED indicator which signals you to ensure proper connection, and it takes safety one step further with its smart detection system. DUO34AC ensures that your plugged device will not overcharge – yes, you read that right – even if the device is left unattended for hours, the risk of overcharging is zero. In addition, it works in a variety of voltage conditions which make it perfect for people who travel internationally on a regular basis. It works properly, regardless whether it is plugged to a 100 or 240 volt outlet.

Vority\’s technology allows the DUO34AC to worry about that for you – it determines the right amount of current that your device needs and automatically limits the power draw, protecting your costly tablet and phones from possible damage due to overloads.

Besides efficient charging times for individual ports, this dual usb wall charger does not split the power of its ports. Therefore, both your phone and tablet will charge as fast as if it was plugged individually into their chargers. The DUO34AC promises to deliver fast charging times even if both of its ports are in use. In addition, its smart design automatically handles your device\’s battery status.

It also detects overcharging automatically, and cuts off the power supply to your plugged tablet and phones to avoid damaging them! This lets you focus on other important things, like work and household chores, or even enjoy a night\’s sleep while leaving your gadget plugged in this charger.

Since overcharging is one of the easiest ways to damage your device permanently, this dual usb wall charger gives you relief and convenience by letting it handle those worries for you!

Its compatibility with any device extends its functionality in any household that is in touch with the latest gadgets and it also removes the need for keeping individual chargers for each of your items, making it handy if you need to travel with your gizmos.

Adding the icing to the cake, both of the two ports of this dual usb wall charger is designed to only provide the necessary power demanded by your device. It is perfectly safe to plug your low-power phones to the 2.4 amp port – it will not overload your device.

Using only your own usb cables, can attend to all your devices\’ demands with speed and safety, all in one convenient package.

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