Watch Dogs Looks to Be Ubisoft’s Latest Gem

Watch Dogs is a game that will be introducing some completely new concepts to gaming. This is brilliant as amongst the growing list of games available nothing seems to be standing out as genre defining or amazing anymore. Hopefully this new game will be one to top all the others.

Ubisoft revealed their latest game in production, Watch dogs, and it was shown to be something that has never been done. No other developer has dared to create a game with the raw brutality and invasion of privacy that this is set to, and that is what will make it a best seller.

There are loads of different aspects to Watch Dogs. Firstly there is the fact that players will be able to scan literally anyone within the world and find out all kinds of information about them that they may want to be keeping a secret.

Watch Dogs is an open world game much like the GTA series. As such players can steal cars and attack whoever they want in the game, but the more advanced police forces will make this harder to get away with.

People are very excited about Watch Dogs thanks to the brilliant demo that was displayed at E3. Everyone saw just how much can be done in a game if the developer is willing to give players the abilities.

Everyone at E3 was in awe of the possibilities available in Watch Dogs. The reason for this is that it has limitless potential in terms of what you could do within the game. Players can go around completing their missions, but equally they could spend their time blackmailing people and stealing businesses if they wanted to. It’s questionable whether Ubisoft will include all of these abilities but will be interesting if they do. is an online retailer that provides second hand dvds, music and games to their customers. They also have a wide range of brand new stock.