Website Contents management

Cpanel is one of the most control panels used nowadays to manage and control websites . Many web hosting companies depend on this extensive web application to grant their clients the proper tools and services to control their websites like adding new contents or backing up the website contents and other helpful tools which help in installing different applications in the website .

In this control panel (Cpanel) the web master will find different tools arranged in different sections and to reach specific tool or service with specific function he just need to find the proper section to search for the service , for example to mange and control different website files operations he can go to the Files section in Cpanel and he will find various files tools .

Ftp protocol and the ftp account tool will enable you to create new accounts and change settings of the already created accounts after that you can use these accounts to log in to the web hosting ftp server by using one of the available ftp clients . after logging in the server you will fin all the files in your website and the available function founded in the ftp client can be used to operate these files .

The back up wizard available in this cpanel category can help greatly to avoid the accidental loss of your data and valuable contents . the wizard will take you through the process of creating a new snapshot of the entire website or you can select a specific component , hostgator coupons help you to purchase these Cpanel from hostgator comapny . also you can restore a snapshot which already taken from your web site .

Always we search of the most service which provide the most tools available to help in doing a specific job , For that you can find another helpful alternative to the file manager tool , it’s the ftp protocol and you can create different accounts in the Cpanel File section by using the Ftp icon.

There are a very useful tool in the files section this tool called the web disk and it enable you to add an icon in the local computer which representing a disk contains the website files and web pages .

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