What are PLR Articles

PLR articles and in fact PLR products in general are comprised of written material which has its copyright passed on to the buyer. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. There are many rights which may or may not be passed on but in general, when you get a PLR article you ought to be able to take that content and do with it as you please. Just as if the content were your own.

As I mentioned before, when you purchase PLR content it will usually come with a license saying precisely what you can and can’t do with the material. In virtually all cases you are able to re-word or edit the material as you think acceptable. You can use it to beef up other articles or mix it up however you like using only a few phrases or the entire article.

The most engaging part about PLR articles is that you have permission to publish them. You can publish them under your own name, or under a pen name. You can use them as information on blogs or websites and also on social media sites.

A lot of website managers are purchasing PLR articles these days to help them with their S.E.O efforts. The idea is that with each article they publish they can include links back to the website they are attempting to promote. They can submit these articles to social media sites that have high authority and will ultimately give recognition to the sites they link to, in this case the site that is being promoted through the articles.

Another popular use or method that’s employed with PLR articles is spinning. This is were the article gets put through special synonym software which may create tens if not hundreds of different and unique versions of the same article by finding substitutions for almost all of the phrases and mixing them all up to create unique and new articles.

Using spun articles gives the website owner many more articles for the price of one and they can then submit all of these, with links back to their own site, to many directories and other social media or web 2.0 sites.

It is possible to get heaps of PLR articles, PLR eBooks and PLR reports at the PLR Article Bank Site.