What Are Real Baby Dolls?

If you search the web for real baby dolls, you will most likely find dolls with the following names: life like, lifelike, reborn, or newborn dolls. Although a knowledgeable doll collector would be ashamed, the average doll fan doesn’t seem to know the difference. But, they’re all looking for the same thing: a small doll that looks amazingly realistic, In fact, many people might think for a moment that they are actually babies. This is the new thing that many people want.

Girls, these aren’t your mamma’s dolls. These take realistic to a whole new level. Now when you cart your baby around, you can look just like your mom. This is because your doll looks almost as realistic.People are going crazy for them. Little girls of course want them. Collectors have found a whole new category of doll to obsess over. And, even some women who miss their children at that precious stage of life want one that looks like their grown child.

These types of dolls are like many others in what they are made of. Many are made of vinyl for their heads and limbs. Some have all parts made of bisque porcelain, while others are a combination of the two. Either way, these dolls look more like actual babies than china dolls. Most though, have soft, cloth bodies so they are better the hold and have weight like an actual newborn.

How real baby dolls are made can also have some variety. Some are made from molds intended for bulk production like many porcelain dolls. Some though, are made to order individually. These have custom characteristics determined by the buyer. Others are created by converting an existing, plastic doll into a reborn doll through a detailed process.

As is the trend, these dolls are mostly found online since they are such specialty pieces. This definitely applies to dolls that you want to be custom made. You might be able to find some at craft fairs or indoor flea markets.

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