What Is A Document Camera?

A document camera is a relatively new piece of equipment that is also referred to as a picture presenter, an electronic digital visualiser, a docucam or perhaps a visual presenter. They’re designed to capture items placed under them in real time and to project them being a 3D image, to make sure that an entire room of individuals can see them.

They consist of a HD web cams mounted on an adjustable arm to enable you to move the camera to focus on the object you want to display to your audience. They can be used to project anything you want, but were originally invented to display photos, pictures and documents to a group of people.

Modern document cameras were developed to take over from overhead projectors and the work in an extremely similar way. At first glance they even look like overhead projectors.

There are a lot of uses for document cameras; however the favourite place to consider using them is the classroom or lecture studio. Also they are used for conferencing as well as some sales people use them too at trade shows. In some countries they are also used in courtrooms to display evidence.

Document cameras are far more flexible than the overhead projectors they replaced. They can be used in a fully lit room; however, the images that are portrayed will be clearer in a darkened room. The zoom facility is also a great improvement on old-fashioned overhead projectors. You could not zoom in on a detail using an overhead projector without making the image all blurry.

Document cameras work best when used in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard. You can add further detail to the image of the object you are focusing on which is being displayed on the whiteboard.

You can even buy portable document cameras and if you want especially sharp images you can buy document cameras that are HD capable. This is a relatively new technology that is still being developed and new innovations such as microscope attachments are being introduced all of the time. It is hard to see these document cameras not being with us for a very long time.

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