What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that looks to heal illness by using minimum amounts of medicine. The idea of homeopathy was first introduced in the late eighteenth century by German physician, Samuel Hahnemann. It has always been a subject of much debate, but there have been various recordings documented over the years to suggest that it does indeed work.

Homeopathic remedies are said to prevent illness and disease by implementing ‘like for like’ symptoms. What this means is that you take symptoms from someone who is healthy and use them as a cure for someone who is ill. So, just as vaccinations would work, so does homeopathy. For example, take a patient who has recently been vaccinated for yellow-fever. Now that patient may experience some of the symptoms of that yellow fever after the vaccination as their natural defences initially weaken in order to build up their defence mechanism, or immune system.

So let’s have a look at an illness that has been said to have been cured using homeopathic remedies, Insomnia. Generally, insomnia is cured with drugs that make the patient feel drowsy and sleepy. When using homeopathic remedies, however, insomnia is said to be cured by using a small amount of the substance that would actually cause sleeplessness in a healthy person. This is known as a ‘like for like’ treatment. It basically pulls on the laws of gravity almost, with a sense of what goes up – must come down. Conclusively, homeopathy stimulates the body’s own healing powers in a more natural way and steers away from the feeling of being dependent on a drug. When it comes to looking at this type of medicine, all the physician simply needs to know is the patient’s symptoms and their full family history. The main thing is that they supply the correct remedy and the correct dosage to the patient.

Homeopathy is so natural because only a tiny amount of the main drug is initially required. This dosage is then diluted with distilled water over and over again until there is barely a trace of it left. The theory behind homeopathy is that during the dilution stages, the original chemical actually leaves an imprint in the water. The water starts to form a memory of its own. It is this natural effect that is passed to the patient and aids them in their recovery.

Homeopathy is quite a straightforward idea but is extremely difficult to explain scientifically. This may be because we simply don’t know enough about it and we generally tend to follow a more mainstream medical practice. Perhaps a good way to learn about this homeopathy is to attend a specialist class about it. Home House in Portman Square, London, are set to put on an event this Autumn all about homeopathy.

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