What To Include In A 72 Hour Emergency Kit

Disasters can occur at any time and at any place. Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis are just some of the things that one may experience. These events will mean a lot of property damage but more importantly it puts people at risk. Not only that, it also disrupts systems. One way to be able to prepare for such an occurrence is to prepare a 72 hour emergency kit.

This is basically just about gathering things that you will need when such an event happens. You will have to include basic necessities since your access to these things may be cut off. This has to be done in advance since you will probably have to go to the store to get these things. Here are some of the items you can include.

Include food in your list. Ideally, these food items should items that can keep for a long time. It should provide nutrition. You might not be able to cook given the circumstances, it would be best if you purchase items that can be eaten immediately. Biscuits and canned goods are examples.

Include water in the materials you are gathering. No one will be able to live without water for long. It is highly possible that you may not have a water source during the disaster so this is something that should not be forgotten. Prepare enough for several days and make sure that each family member is accounted for.

Another important addition is first aid supplies. Disasters can bring about injuries. Unfortunately, you will not have access to hospitals and medication all the time. It is best to get some basic medical supplies. If one of the family members has a condition and he needs medication, then this should be included as well.

To ensure that you will be able to keep in touch with family, write down their numbers. Your mobile will not last given that it operates on batteries. Write down emergency numbers so you can get help. Since you might not be able to get the bank, keep cash with you as well. Copies of documents like identification papers should also be carried along.

Comfort and protection against the weather is also to be remembered. Include a sleeping bag so you will not have to go to sleep cold. Warm clothes are certainly a need especially if you have a cold local climate. Have every family member add their clothes to your collection.

There are other useful items that can be brought along. A flashlight complete with an extra set of batteries will be useful. A whistle can be included so you can have something to signal with. A pocket knife can also come in handy in various situations. You can also include a radio so you can keep track of news and updates.

These objects will have to be placed in a bag or container. Choose something that is easily portable just in case you have to move from one location to another. Place your 72 hour emergency kit in a place where it can easily be reached. Determine when these items will expire so you can replace them as needed.

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