What You Need to Know About Using The Best In Ear Headphones

Many people have various views about employing earbuds to hear audio. For other people it’s solely a choice of comfortability while for most, it all depends on which activity she or he is doing while listening.

On this page, let’s analyze the benefits and drawbacks of employing In-Ear Headphones.

First, let’s start off with what people like about them.

1. Transportability

When asked “what do you like most about utilizing earbuds”, probably the most common response is since they’re small and lightweight.

For this kind of small item, the big-time feature is having the ability to just place them away inside your purse or backpack and pocket without having to worry about harming the item or taking on a lot of space.

It is very simple to take out and employ anytime the earbuds since it could be left connected to the audio jack of any transportable music player such as a music player or iPhone. There’s no need to locate them or fumble around a handbag or backpack to get to them. Consequently, it’s definitely a time saver.

2. Little and Unobtrusive

Associated with mobility, many people like them since they’re small and unobtrusive when being used. They can fit nicely into ones ear and also the only thing that will really be seen would be the cords, and even then when the device is wireless there might not even be any cords at all! They are not like those large studio headphones that stand out like crazy.

3. Audio quality

The sound quality of your in-ear headphones will depend on the kind that you get, but many brands will have superior audio quality – quite often much better than regular studio style headphones that are much bigger.

Earbuds such as the Bose IE2s sound amazingly good, for instance.

4. Value

Not always, but often times because there is far less material, the cost of earbuds are relatively low. Generally speaking the price of ear buds are an advantage that most people enjoy. You could spring for higher quality ones which cost more.

Next, let’s look at some of the reasons people dislike using earbuds.

1. They Don’t Always Fit Right

Not all ears are shaped the same, so as a result some types of in ear headphones easily fall out for some people, and the same kind will fit snugly for others. Sometimes, it can be a hit or miss, but if it’s your first time using earbuds, no matter what, it will take some getting used to.

Using in-ear headphones is tough for athletes and people who listen to audio while moving around a lot (especially runners),

What is the reason?

Because they are attractive because they are tiny and don’t take up much room (like I said, they can fit into a pocket, even in running shorts), but for some people they are extremely annoying because all of that movement and bouncing around can easily cause the headphones to come out.

It will end up irritating every time I ran several miles and adjust my headphones every four to five minutes.

The white stock iPhone and iPod headphones are notorious for falling out when people are running or jumping around a lot.

I’d definitely check out the Bose IE2s, which come with something called StayHere Tips for greater stability when exercising especially if I will be doing some heavy movement and still want to enjoy the benefits of in-ear headphones.

Also, a branded earbud called YurBuds also makes earphones particularly for athletes too.

2. They usually tangle!

Unfortunately, the long cords and also the small buds on the end may cause lots of tangling, which can contribute to lots of disappointment. Taking out knots in cords may be the very last thing people might like to do, and regrettably lots of people go through the joy of mobility, but then the anguish of a massive ball of cord that have to be undone.

Many brands come with a reel or organizer that nicely stores the wires, however it’s sort of annoying to have to bring around a case everywhere you go, and then neatly put them away only to bring them back out when you’re ready to listen to audio or music again.

3. Resilience

Because in-ear headphones are small and fragile, they could easily crack. Some brands are superior to others, however it’s not really that unusual to see the wiring come off at the bottom of the earbud, or one of the earbuds to go quiet. Your headphones can last you many years if you take good care of your headphones.

Also, some earbuds have attachments to make them fit much better, and often times these should come off wander off, specifically if you just stuff your headphones right into a backpack or even in your wallet. I’ve tried it a lot of times, as well as with some spares handy the rubbery or silicone pieces that continually come off make it very frustrating to manage.

So, as you can see, there are good things and bad things that come along with the decision to use in-ear headphones. Getting the best in ear headphones for your budget and style is something that you should make sure if you do choose them.

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