What’s a Fun Wedding Party Gift?

My best friend in the whole world is getting married and I was made Maid-Of- Honor. It has to be the coolest thing to have ever happened to me and I wanted to get them a memorable wedding party gift for their special day. However, I couldn’t think of anything and no one else in the wedding party would agree on what gift we should get her. Not to mention that the groomsmen were also out of ideas and weren’t the least bit helpful.

One night as I was fighting a major case of insomnia I decided to was surfing the web. I really wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I was just trying to tire my brain out when I found a website the describes building a stuffed animal. I remembered that another girl in the wedding party suggested making two build a bears for them and have them holding a card with all of our names on it. We nixed the idea claiming it wasn’t good enough but really because we didn’t want to have another fight on our hands.

I could literally see the fight that would have happened if we chose Sara’s idea. Some of us would go for the classic teddy bears while other would want to go for something out of the ordinary. Not to mention another fight would ensue about the pros and cons of mixing and matching two different animals together. I mean talk about a kill headache waiting to happen.

However since I was by myself and I was still trying to get to sleep I thought, What’s the harm of just looking? Sara didn’t mention this website anyway.” Check out the link if you want to see. When I went into the site I found out that it was nothing like build a bear, it was better. I found out we could literally make my friend and her soon-to-be husband into a mini bride and groom and have them put our signatures on them. I mean how perfect would that be?

The next time the wedding party was together I showed them, minus the bride and groom, the website and they all loved the idea. We literally couldn’t fill out the forms fast enough. My friend loved it as well as her husband when we gave them their mini-me’s. The rest as they say was history.

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