Which Operating System Should You Choose For Your Server?

If you have opted for a dedicated hosting package, you may have thought that your biggest decision was behind you. This is not the case though as you need to opt for an Operating System (OS) and even though all of the options are great options, it may be that they are not all correct for you. With three options to choose from, be sure to spend some time researching on their benefits.

The three main choices for operating systems are Linux, Unix and Windows Server Operating Systems. It is easy to see that the Windows option will stand out for most people because this is the most common name.

With dedicated hosting being open to everyone, people with no experience at all of servers and operating systems may decide that this option is right for them because they know it. That is a fair enough criteria to base a decision upon but it can sometimes leave a user short of all the options.

Opting for the Linux operating system opens up the use of scripts, which is great for people who are experienced in the use of languages like Perl, PHP or Python. The Linux option is also one that enables users to use the MySQL or Postgre database systems. The choice of datatabse system that you use can have a big impact on your web hosting capabilities.

If the languages above are not familiar and you do not intend to use scripts, you should find that all of the options are available for you. This means that cost and comfort are likely to be huge factors in your final decisions because all three of the operating systems should provide the things that you need to set up your site. If you are new to this sector, consider the merits of technical support of each operating system because that could be the issue that allows you to get the most from your dedicated hosting package.

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