Why City Bikes Video Games Should Be Made

When it comes to sports and racing games, a few conventions have remained true. I’ve seen ones that utilized skateboards and of course, cars stand as the most common. Those kinds of things sell and people are willing to buy the games that are fast-moving and receive nothing in the way of slowdown. I’m surprised that more video games on city bikes haven’t been made, though, because I feel like they can be a doable twist on your normal athletic titles.

City bikes are easy enough to understand, especially when thinking about the kind of place where they would be used. In a game depicting such vehicles, I have a feeling that a place along the lines of Manhattan could be programmed for people to ride around it. Factors which are native to a city – traffic included – would have to be present as well. There’s no doubt that biking authorities like Linus Bike exist but when talking about this game, would there be an end goal to meet?

There’s no question that there are conventions in recent games as well and missions seem to be one of them. For instance, bikers may be given goals, including but not limited to the amount of miles ridden at a single time. Goals like these would have to be ones that would give players incentive to continue on. Between riding around pedestrians and avoiding traffic as much as possible, I don’t think that the game would be a slouch in terms of challenge.

Customization is something that seems to belong in a game like this since who wouldn’t want to fix up their bicycle to make it better? Even if people want to simply change the color, an option like this should exist. People can be very passionate when it comes to games and they would like to change around certain aspects of their experience so that they feel like they’re in control. This kind of option stands the chance of being user-friendly and attracting people to it more.

I’m someone who enjoys unique ideas in video games and city bikes, in the right hands, can be as unique as any other. Would a simple racing title be the best bet in this regard? I don’t know if it will be, since cars have a greater sense of speed and the fact that they’re so common probably defeats that different nature as well. A more creative idea can be implemented and the elements can be altered so that players can create more to their liking.

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