Why Credit Debt Collection Is Something Ric Flair Can’t Take Down

A man with multiple marriages under his belt certainly doesn’t have things easy. When you tie the knot with several partners – only for things to not work out so well – you can be certain that monetary issues will come to light. Ric Flair is quite possibly the one wrestler who personifies this best. Despite the fact that Flair was one of the finest wrestlers in the business at one time, there is no question that his personal problems took its toll, not only on his personal live but his financial standing as well, and credit debt collection may come into the picture.

Flair’s notoriety is something that cannot be denied in the world of wrestling, which could possibly work against him if credit debt collection came about. I feel as though if the problems mount further, there is no question that a company like Rapid Recovery may utilize its many services to collect. Would someone like Flair be able to pay up without difficulty, though, considering his popularity in the world of wrestling? It’s something to make note of but sadly, Flair is not someone who can claim to be rich like he was once able to.

Once February rolls around, Flair would turn 64 years old. In just about any profession in the world, be it wrestling or otherwise, people would have been done with work at this age. Flair doesn’t seem to believe in retirement, at least not permanent, since he still finds himself enraptured in the business he made a living off of. He is passionate about the business and I have to respect that but I feel like his insistence to stick around is due to necessity more so than anything else.

Flair had recently become involved with World Wrestling Entertainment once more on the company’s flagship TV show, RAW. It was the Slammy Awards and Flair came out, to great applause, in order to present said award for the Best Superstar of the Year. As I saw him not only verbally communicate with other wrestlers but actually become physically involved, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He clearly enjoys professional wrestling but the truth of the matter is that he had no choice but to come back to the lifestyle.

There has to be something said about a man who can’t stay away from his craft. Flair may very well love wrestling but now it’s become more or less a crutch for him. He has to stay with it because he doesn’t have any other way to pay alimony and child support. As a longtime of the self-professed Nature Boy, I have to say that he needs to get a secure grasp on his life because I don’t see him slipping into a comfortable stint of retirement anytime soon.

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