Why Keyword Stuffing Doesn’t Work Any Longer

I know numerous Search engine optimization specialists out there that maintain thinking keyword stuffing function, truth is, it does not any longer. Three years ago, it was all about obtaining the proper keyword and just filling your post with it to ensure that Google knows what the article is about and exactly where to rank you. Permit me to introduce you to Google Panda.

Google Panda will be the reason why keyword stuffing as we knew it prior to is just obsolete. Google’s ranking algorithm is so smart and complicated, that he’s now able to tell in case your post has been overly optimized or not. You may and definitely will, get penalized by Google in case your content has been optimized for crawlers and not humans. Remember that content is KING. Keyword stuffing post Panda

Forget about that unreal 4% keyword density, it is just absurd. These days, Google is in a position to recognize your article’s subject by searching for specific niche-related words or phrases in your post. For example: Let’s say you’ve an article about Trans Fat, Google doesn’t actually have to read “Trans Fat” inside your post to understand its subject. Due to Panda, it can now recognize particular phrases or words closely associated to Trans Fat and determine your subject. Phrases such as: hydrogenated ingredients, hydrogenation process, heart issues, etc. Impressive, isn’t it?

Create your content material for humans and not search engine crawlers

When you write a piece of content material, you should ask your self “Does it appear that some thing an expert would have written?” “Is this content material helpful in any way?” “Is it completely readable?”

If the answer to these concerns was “Yes”, then you definitely are around the correct track. Never believe once more of keyword stuffing your content or the big G will get you, eventually they’ll.

If you outsource your content, make sure to deeply verify their English proficiency (assuming you’ll need content material written in English). Native speakers are often the proper method to go, nevertheless, this is not true in each case. It is feasible to find fantastic content material written by non-native speakers, and they usually charge much less than a native speaker. For all those of you who cannot give up, 1% of keyword density is greater than enough. Keyword stuffing can hurt you

Our websites are like our girlfriends, we don’t want anything poor to occur to them. Google penalizes keyword stuffing, they won’t go simple on you. Your articles may be de-indexed and after that you’d lose your hyperlinks. In the event you abuse this practice, you can get sandboxed, which implies that your content will not appear at all as punishment.

In a nutshell

Keep it easy, just concentrate on writing a nice piece of content without worrying an excessive amount of about keyword optimization. Keep in mind that with today’s algorithms Google can sort out crappy, poorly written content material. In the event you really wish to be effective within the long-term, it is recommended that you simply get professional or Truly great freelance writers, it may be much more expensive, but you are able to be particular that the high quality of one’s content material will be top notch. Lastly, repeat to yourself “Keyword Stuffing” does not function any longer and you will probably be fine.

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