Why To Commission A Calligrapher

The art of calligraphy has a long history. Since the beginning of time, humans have expressed themselves in this way and there is definitely still a place for this form of art in the modern world. One is able to commission a calligrapher to personalize all types of items from invitations to certificates. The skills of these calligraphers vary and so choosing one has to be done wisely.

People may think the idea of spending money on calligraphy is a waste. They may think that they could do the job themselves or ask the designer to create the same effect by using specific fonts. This is definitely not the case. Such skills are not acquired quickly but come with much dedication and commitment. The effect can be imitated with typeset fonts but it will always be second best to the real thing.

Calligraphers have to know many different things such as writing techniques, lettering skills, page design and decoration skills like gilding. They have to understand about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations and many other things. They create artistically subtle effects in a way that mechanical methods cannot capture.

As there are numerous calligraphers offering their services, including those who can be found online, making a choice can be daunting. One of the most helpful factors when making such a decision is to look at work already produced. Samples of different styles can be examined and the level of expertise is often easy to see.

Calligraphers use different materials too and this can also affect the quality of their work. Some materials may create inconsistencies in letter strokes or smudge easily. Many kinds of papers, pens and inks are used.

Once a decision has been made, various details need to be communicated in order for a quote to be given. The price will be affected by the size of the project and the materials used. Some calligraphers charge by the hour and others charge per word. Details like styles, color schemes, paper and deadlines all need to be discussed.

An estimate of costs can then be provided and this is calculated by the word or by the hour. Negotiation can still occur at this point and once all the details are acceptable, both parties will usually sign a contract. Most calligraphers only start on a project once a deposit has been paid upfront and up to 50% of the total amount may be requested. The balance is paid when the work is finished.

If a calligrapher is found online, emails are often used to communicate. For example, a design layout in color may be emailed for approval and a scan of the actual finished work too before the final product is delivered. There is something very personal about having words hand written, and arranged in a way that enhances their importance.

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