Why You Need To Carry Out A Boundary Survey

Many people usually have doubts about the accuracy of boundaries when they want to buy a piece of property, especially with regard to the exact location of the neighbors’ fences. Carrying out a boundary survey ensures that you do not violate any of the local authority laws and helps you to determine whether buildings are in the right place.

Buying property is a major investment involving huge sums of money. Therefore, you must take the appropriate precautions to ensure that any transaction that you are involved in doesn’t run into legal problems such as boundary disputes. Before buying any property or signing the purchase agreement, you must verify that the boundaries are accurately presented and match those on the legal maps.

Disputes relating to boundaries can be solved or avoided through various means. The most common solution involves carrying out a simple inspection before entering into any transaction involving land or property. The inspection will help you to identify problems such as encroachment by neighbors, as well as the value of any structures that exist on the land. These structures might be temporary on permanent.

Undeveloped property and bare land are risky for investors since it is difficult to identify any encumbrances that may exist. The intervention of a land surveyor will help any inexperienced buyer to easily identify encroachments, among other issues that may jeopardize the purchase of such properties. These professionals are are trained and thus, knowledgeable on these matters.

Some changes that occur on trees or natural drainage due to natural causes have a significant effect on landscape. For this reason, it is advisable for a buyer to hire the services of property surveyors to enable him/her ascertain the exact boundaries. These experts will help in establishing whether there are any existing encroachments. However, the buyer should understand how the surveyor deals with property matters before hiring one.

For many years, real estate agents had to rely on inaccurate methods to assess and determine the value of their properties. Any time they had a piece of property to sell, an agent would visit the site and visually inspect it. He/she would look out for any encumbrances by counter-checking on the legal maps and descriptions. Afterwards, a professional surveyor would be sent to measure the actual boundaries.

A boundary survey is the best way for all the parties in property transactions to determine the authentic boundaries. As such, buyers, sellers, as well as estate agents are able to carry out their dealings above board. Surveys provide in-depth information such as the actual value of property, in addition to identifying any encumbrances that might interfere with the transactions.

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