XANGO MLM Opportunity- Is it for you?

Health and well-being supplements are in great demand in the global markets. They always will be in demand. Does this mean that by joining a home based business like Xango, it will help you secure financial freedom?

History of Xango

Formed in 2002, Xango is a MLM company that promotes fruit beverages, nutritional supplements, personal care and skin care products. The flagship product of the company is Xango juice with the nutritious mangosteen as a prime ingredient. The company headquarters are located at Utah, USA. Considered as a pioneer in the world of multi level marketing (MLM), the company has a global network of over 1 million independent representatives, spread across 34 countries. According to the 2008 financial figures, the company raked in over $1.5 billion. A majority of the sales are derived from the US, Canada, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal and Spain.

XANGO was founded by six people – Aaron Garrity, Kent Wood, Gary Hollister, Joe Morton, Gordon Morton and Bryan Davis. The President and CEO of the company is Robert Conlee, who has experience of more than 20 years in the home based business industry.

As a part of its corporate responsibility initiative, the company operates a charitable trust under the name of Xango Goodness Foundation. It seeks support for worldwide charity foundations working for economically challenged societies around the world.

Product Review

Xango offers the following products in the international market:

* Xango Juice: This is the flagship product, which contains natural mangosteen juice.

* Eleviv: A stress management nutritional supplement.

* 3SIXTY5: Vitamin and mineral whole food supplement

* Glimpse: Skin care products.

* Juni: Personal care products, including body wash, conditioners and lotions

The company’s products are very much in demand among consumers due to their high quality, health benefits, and affordable prices.

Compensation Plan Examined

Their compensation policies are simple and transparent. An individual can sign up for Xango distributorship on the company website. An independent representative earns their income through commissions on retail sales and by adding new sales representatives to their network or downline. The business member is also entitled to weekly, monthly and quarterly sales bonuses based on the amount of orders sold.

Bottom Line on Xango

Xango is one of the biggest network marketing success stories, with a global presence. The company has faced several cases of litigation, which were settled professionally and with the company still in business. I believe this company offers high quality products with the opportunity to earn a meaningful amount of money through distributorship. I do NOT believe Xango is a scam.

If you are serious about achieving success in Xango, or any MLM, it is important to use internet technology for effective lead generation. Good luck ~ James Wehner

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