Yellowstone Photography Opportunities Are Abundant

For those visiting Yellowstone photography opportunities are virtually limitless. From spectacular scenery to amazing wildlife, there are many pictures waiting to be snapped during each of the seasons. This unique destination has so much to offer for the aspiring photographer.

One amazing feature in the park is the Old Faithful geyser which erupts hourly to the delight of tourists from around the world. Other geothermal features of interest include mud pots, hot springs and additional geysers. The Mammoth Hot Springs are especially colorful, near the Mammoth visitor center.

The area’s many scenic vistas are an artist’s dream. From the famous Yellowstone Falls to the picturesque Mount Washburn and the the expansive Lamar Valley, there are so many scenic sites that can be photographed. These beautiful vistas can be filmed during different seasons to show the beauty of the park year round.

Wildlife images are especially easy to capture. Majestic bull elk, impressive bison and stately moose are all found in the area with frequency. Black bear and grizzly bears roam the park inviting tourists to film them in their native habitat, hopefully from a safe distance. Other predators like gray wolves, coyotes and mountain lions are also present within the park boundaries.

For nature pictures, birds are also a good choice. Unlike large mammals, they can also be approached without endangering the photographer’s safety. Care should still be exercised however, not to stress the birds or to approach sensitive nesting sites. Area birds of interest include bald and golden eagles, sandhill cranes, pelicans, and great grey owls.

Yellowstone photography is a great past time for all levels of photographers from hobbyists to professionals. The park has so many sights to choose from. In addition, the native wildlife offers many opportunities for exciting shots as well. With so much scenery and biodiversity, the national park is a photographer’s dream destination.

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