Your Lincoln Park Auto Repair Company Provides Radiator Services

A car’s radiator is a vital part of the engine. Most of the time radiators work flawlessly and you have no idea they are even there. Yet, if you do not take care of your radiator you could be setting yourself up for some major headaches in the future. Your Lincoln Park auto repair technicians know all about radiators and are there to help.

Your radiator works on a simple principle. Coolant flows through the cores and heat is allowed to “radiate” from the cores into the air. As you drive down the road airflow is usually sufficient to dissipate heat. However, when the engine is idling or the AC is on, a cooling fan runs to keep the engine at proper operating temperature.

Looking at a radiator, it is almost impossible to spot problems. Most modern vehicles have coolant bottles or reservoirs to fill the cooling system. You cannot simply look inside for signs of corrosion. You also need special testing equipment to see if the cap is bad or not.

When a car overheats, it could be from one of many things. Many problems originate from corrosion or rust that develops over time. Rust can cause a radiator to cool less efficiently and become stopped up. Corrosion is also a big cause for leaky radiators and wear and tear on water pumps and thermostats.

When you notice coolant leaking from the radiator, your first impulse may to buy some leak elimination product. This may stop the leak but other problems can develop. You may still have corrosion in the system that can be trouble.

When you want to prevent cooling system breakdown, you should take your vehicle to trained professionals. They have all the right tools and equipment to properly service your car. It only takes a few minutes for a Lincoln Park auto repair shop to check out the entire cooling system. This insures you will have few problems as you drive down the road.

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